Thursday, August 20, 2009

10 Days til Ironman

In the past month I hammered in the hardest two weeks ever with logging over 22+ hours and over 250 miles of S/B/R each week. Now I'm half way through a 3 week taper with only 10 days to go and I'm at the cusp of FREAKING OUT! I recently re-read a friend's IM race report from last year and this weekend I plan to watch my DVR'd copy of IM Kona for some more motivation. Its not that I'm struggling for motivation its that I just need to focus and get in the right mind set. Pre race I may seem calm on the outside, just roaming around with headphones on but on the inside its a different world. I stay quiet more in fear if I was to express any emotion I may just loose it all.

Ironman taper time is a strange thing. You go through months of living out of laundry baskets of workout clothes then all of a sudden everything is folded in drawers. Two-a-day works out, 4am wake-ups, 3000+ calories per day to one-a-day short bricks, 6am wake-up, smoothies, salads, and lean meats.

Here I am with another off-day catching up on everything else. This weekend I plan to pack and organize all my lists. Since Ironman camp in June I've begun lists split out in to separate categories (bags). There is Weekly Food, Travel, Transition, Hubby's O-Crap, Swim, Bike Transition, Run Transition, Bike Special Needs, and Run Special Needs bags. Believe me when I say all this is necessary, well I hope it is.

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