Thursday, October 29, 2009

Two More Races added for 2009

Today I signed up for the Buffalo, NY YMCA Turkey Trot. And to be honest, I would drag myself across the line just so I can wear the T-shirt. Turkey Trots have been the rock to my late fall training session. I've ran one about every year since I was 9. I've won overall titles and giant turkeys but really is just a great day to go out and run! This year I am following my husband to visit his mother's family in Buffalo and boy was I excited to hear about this race!!
Established in 1896, this race will mark its 114th start on Thanksgiving morning, making it the oldest continually running footrace in North America (even older than the Boston Marathon)!
I've even convinced some other family members to register - and most of them didn't even know this race existed.

Second I've been apart of a two-day email thread that started with one team of three to four teams!! I'll be running the Huff 50k Trail Race as part of a women relay team. We're starting to think that the number for women's relay teams is going to beat out the number of men's teams - Go Team IE!

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Weekend Warrior

Hubby and I have been some serious Weekend Warriors for the past two weeks going to 3 football games in 3 different states. First was homecoming weekend at IU. My baby sis is a freshman and hubby's fraternity was having a together so there was plenty of grilled food, snacks with dip, and cheap beer to go around. Then this past weekend we drove over 800 miles to go Hubby's high school homecoming for an awesome MJ Thriller themed halftime show (choreographed by his sis) in Michigan then head down to Cincy for the Bears and Bengals game. Yes it was a looonnnnggggg weekend.

When being a Weekend Warrior anything goes - food wise. And after this weekend I am in dire need of a detox! I tried to be good and pack a cooler of deli meat, cheese, whole grain bread, apples, pears, and TLC crackers. This all lasted for one meal. My go to road trip foods are McDonanld's crispy chicken snack wraps (no sauce), bottled green tea, and original chex mix but hubby and I crossed the line and got Bear Claws and Twinkies (man i love those!). I really need to stay in the car when we stop for gas - I'm a sucker for convenience marts!

Workout Goals this Week
*Swim at least once
*Try out the Barre bootcamp at the gym (supposed to be like a ballet boot camp, I'm hoping it does ballet exercises that open the hips)
*Don't fall as much and try to catch the ball at least one time in football
*Run 4 times this week
*Get in a long run over 7 miles

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm Back - Chicago Marathon Race Review

I'M BACK .....WHOOO HOOOO - START THE PARADE. I'm am coming back to my blog.

Two weeks ago I completed my second marathon in 6 weeks. Luckily I had miss LB to pull me along. I was extremely skeptical before the marathon, was I really ready, had I recovered enough since the Ironman to run another marathon and not further harm myself?? After a two week training hiatus/IM recovery I did very minimal training. I slowly ramped it up to a 16 mile run then spent two weeks tapering back down - was this even possible?? The week prior I felt winded running 4 miles and as much as I told myself 'take it easy at the start and you can do this' I had serious doubts. Still LB was there telling me I can do this. Is it bad before a race to plan a bail out point? I checked the race map, compared it with the CTA map, and decided that between miles 16 and 18 I can take the red or blue line to the finish line. So Yes, I ran with my CTA card just setting myself up to DNF.

Well just so you know I did not DNF. I finished the Chicago marathon in 4:07:00. This was the first time I actually RAN a marathon. My last two attempts (2004 Chicago) and (2009 IM Louisville) there was a TON of walking involved. LB was not allowing much walking, maybe a little here and there to get through the aid stations but besides that tiny bit of rest it was run, run, run.

I ran on behalf of Girls on the Run, Chicago chapter raising almost $600.

Now that it is officially my off-season (BTW there is no off season in running) I'm going to change the focus on my blog. I did an Ironman, I ran a marathon, and while training for those events I've gone through a number of changes and have created a list of things I want to focus on. These include to continue with my goal of healthy eating, increase my yoga practice, and start weight training (mostly to combat my hamstring/hip issue).