Friday, November 13, 2009

Sign Stephs Petition to Be Strong

Just a Quickie. Please stop over at Tri to Be Strong and read Steph's post. I can't say enough on how strong and inspiring she is. I remember when I went out for a long run and Steph was running the Komen 10k. I ran the course backwards to find her and finish the last few miles with her. Thats the longest she had ever ran and she did the whole thing with a big-ass smile on her face! I just ask that you read her post and sign!! Thanks So Much!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Friday Treat: Protein Bar

This are looking up! I'm officially signed up for the Huff 50k - Team IE Blondies relay! I've made some serious progress this week as I attempt to get back in good form. I'm now fully signed up for master's swimming. Since its already halfway through the session I choose to only get the 4-punch card. I swam for the first time since IM yesterday - 1200m and I thought I was going to drown!!! SO I know I won't be able to go to the 90min Distance swim practice but for the next few weeks I'll be trying out the 1 hr mid-distance practice, I'll let you know how it goes on Friday.

Friday Treat
I used to always have Fridays as my off/rest days, it was my little treat. Well while training for IM Friday's no longer became my rest days - those were switched to Monday. Truly it was a blessing because Mondays are the hardest days to wake-up early (next to Friday), I was able to get all my Wifey chores done for the week (grocery, dry cleaning, some big meal that resulted in leftovers), and it allowed me to recover from the weekend's workouts. Still though, I miss my Friday treat, and so as a compromise and end of work week reward I stop and purchase breakfast. Last week I went to Protein Bar in the SW corner of the loop. Not only is it convenient to get to from train to work but its the healthiest bfast option (bye-bye egg mcmuffin)!! I got a make-your-own oatmeal bowl - steal cut oats, Almond Milk, Sliced Almonds, Aguave, Strawberry protein powder, and Sliced Strawberries. They also carry Kombucha drinks and Chobani - you know, just in case you need a fix! Hubby even ventures from his opposite end Loop location - although he refers to it as the place I go to get jacked-up...... too much coffee there Hubs!

Monday, November 2, 2009

MMMmmmmmm Oaties!!!!

Meet my new love - Oat Bran. I recently attempted a recipe that included oat bran. Nonetheless the recipe (coconut & oat bran talapia) was Not a hit. But a few other food bloggies have been making morning oat bran and since the bag was just hanging out in my pantry I thought I should try. I have now entered Oat Bran Bliss.

1 c. Water
1 c. Vanilla Almond Milk
2/3 c. Bob Mills Oat Bran
1 T light brown sugar
1 t Trader Joe's Agave
dash of cinnamon
Pumpkin Butter
Vanilla Almond Butter
More Brown Sugar (i was on a sugar kick, I could have done w/o the T in the mixer)

I do not believe I have ever eaten oat bran before. It is very much like cream of wheat which is the best way to describe the texture of the oaties.

Sunday, Hubs and I went to Orange on Roscoe, the place for brunch. I got pan seared steel cut oatmeal. Very Delish!
There are numerous Orange restaurants in the Chicago area. We decided on the one in Roscoe village thinking it would be less busy. We were seated right away but out server didn't arrive for 15 minutes. Also we were sat near a speaker that blared what I can only describe as Dolly Parton music.

Here is this mornings Yummies!
Pineapple Chobani
1 Kiwi
1/2 Banana
1 c. Natures Path cereal

Last Week's Workout Progress
*I didn't swim
*I didn't try the class at the gym, no yoga either
*Sacked the QB!
*Ran 3 times but didn't get in the long run

Workout Goals this Week
*Win the last game of the Football season
*Swim, Swim, Swim - and sign back up for Masters
*Get up and bike with AK on Thursday
*Run 7 miles

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Two More Races added for 2009

Today I signed up for the Buffalo, NY YMCA Turkey Trot. And to be honest, I would drag myself across the line just so I can wear the T-shirt. Turkey Trots have been the rock to my late fall training session. I've ran one about every year since I was 9. I've won overall titles and giant turkeys but really is just a great day to go out and run! This year I am following my husband to visit his mother's family in Buffalo and boy was I excited to hear about this race!!
Established in 1896, this race will mark its 114th start on Thanksgiving morning, making it the oldest continually running footrace in North America (even older than the Boston Marathon)!
I've even convinced some other family members to register - and most of them didn't even know this race existed.

Second I've been apart of a two-day email thread that started with one team of three to four teams!! I'll be running the Huff 50k Trail Race as part of a women relay team. We're starting to think that the number for women's relay teams is going to beat out the number of men's teams - Go Team IE!

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Weekend Warrior

Hubby and I have been some serious Weekend Warriors for the past two weeks going to 3 football games in 3 different states. First was homecoming weekend at IU. My baby sis is a freshman and hubby's fraternity was having a together so there was plenty of grilled food, snacks with dip, and cheap beer to go around. Then this past weekend we drove over 800 miles to go Hubby's high school homecoming for an awesome MJ Thriller themed halftime show (choreographed by his sis) in Michigan then head down to Cincy for the Bears and Bengals game. Yes it was a looonnnnggggg weekend.

When being a Weekend Warrior anything goes - food wise. And after this weekend I am in dire need of a detox! I tried to be good and pack a cooler of deli meat, cheese, whole grain bread, apples, pears, and TLC crackers. This all lasted for one meal. My go to road trip foods are McDonanld's crispy chicken snack wraps (no sauce), bottled green tea, and original chex mix but hubby and I crossed the line and got Bear Claws and Twinkies (man i love those!). I really need to stay in the car when we stop for gas - I'm a sucker for convenience marts!

Workout Goals this Week
*Swim at least once
*Try out the Barre bootcamp at the gym (supposed to be like a ballet boot camp, I'm hoping it does ballet exercises that open the hips)
*Don't fall as much and try to catch the ball at least one time in football
*Run 4 times this week
*Get in a long run over 7 miles

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm Back - Chicago Marathon Race Review

I'M BACK .....WHOOO HOOOO - START THE PARADE. I'm am coming back to my blog.

Two weeks ago I completed my second marathon in 6 weeks. Luckily I had miss LB to pull me along. I was extremely skeptical before the marathon, was I really ready, had I recovered enough since the Ironman to run another marathon and not further harm myself?? After a two week training hiatus/IM recovery I did very minimal training. I slowly ramped it up to a 16 mile run then spent two weeks tapering back down - was this even possible?? The week prior I felt winded running 4 miles and as much as I told myself 'take it easy at the start and you can do this' I had serious doubts. Still LB was there telling me I can do this. Is it bad before a race to plan a bail out point? I checked the race map, compared it with the CTA map, and decided that between miles 16 and 18 I can take the red or blue line to the finish line. So Yes, I ran with my CTA card just setting myself up to DNF.

Well just so you know I did not DNF. I finished the Chicago marathon in 4:07:00. This was the first time I actually RAN a marathon. My last two attempts (2004 Chicago) and (2009 IM Louisville) there was a TON of walking involved. LB was not allowing much walking, maybe a little here and there to get through the aid stations but besides that tiny bit of rest it was run, run, run.

I ran on behalf of Girls on the Run, Chicago chapter raising almost $600.

Now that it is officially my off-season (BTW there is no off season in running) I'm going to change the focus on my blog. I did an Ironman, I ran a marathon, and while training for those events I've gone through a number of changes and have created a list of things I want to focus on. These include to continue with my goal of healthy eating, increase my yoga practice, and start weight training (mostly to combat my hamstring/hip issue).

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My very fitting horoscope

The time for thinking about exercise and diet is over; now you must put your good intentions to work or you could start to lose momentum. Mercury's direct turn in your 6th House of Self-Improvement is the natural time to step up your workout routine. Don't get discouraged if the first week or so is challenging. Just keep doing the best you can until you are over the hump of your resistance.

I could have used this a few weeks ago. The marathon is only 2 weeks away - so all the stars and moons out there - thanks!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Good Ol' Quote from BK

Mike sent me this today

“Everyone has got the will to win, its only those with the will to prepare that do win”

- Bobby Knight.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Race Blog Added

Ok, I've been pondering this decision for a while but I have decided to create a separate blog to track race week and the actual Ironman. In coordination with my Girls on the Run fund raising event I am also including information about my Ironman journey. This includes a link to the new blog, how to track me during Ironman, and date/time of the fund raising event.

I do not advertise this blog to many friends - there are a select few and hubby, those people are also triathletes who "understand". I know there are a number of friends out there who I would find to be judgmental against the blog, mostly because they just don't get it.

So for the next few weeks please go to IronKelli to follow me through Ironman Louisville.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

10 Days til Ironman

In the past month I hammered in the hardest two weeks ever with logging over 22+ hours and over 250 miles of S/B/R each week. Now I'm half way through a 3 week taper with only 10 days to go and I'm at the cusp of FREAKING OUT! I recently re-read a friend's IM race report from last year and this weekend I plan to watch my DVR'd copy of IM Kona for some more motivation. Its not that I'm struggling for motivation its that I just need to focus and get in the right mind set. Pre race I may seem calm on the outside, just roaming around with headphones on but on the inside its a different world. I stay quiet more in fear if I was to express any emotion I may just loose it all.

Ironman taper time is a strange thing. You go through months of living out of laundry baskets of workout clothes then all of a sudden everything is folded in drawers. Two-a-day works out, 4am wake-ups, 3000+ calories per day to one-a-day short bricks, 6am wake-up, smoothies, salads, and lean meats.

Here I am with another off-day catching up on everything else. This weekend I plan to pack and organize all my lists. Since Ironman camp in June I've begun lists split out in to separate categories (bags). There is Weekly Food, Travel, Transition, Hubby's O-Crap, Swim, Bike Transition, Run Transition, Bike Special Needs, and Run Special Needs bags. Believe me when I say all this is necessary, well I hope it is.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Offical Crazy Countdown Has Begun

I'm just under 6 weeks til Ironman Louisville and I am hitting the hardest of the weeks!! These past two weeks I had a nice taper, the Muncie Enduration Half IM, a recovery week, a sinus infection, and now its time to haul ass. For the week I've ticked off 69 of 241 miles of S/B/R.

Muncie was the craziest weather I have ever raced in. The swim was uneventful except for a crosswind making it difficult to site. During the second half of the bike a storm rolled in bringing downpours so bad I couldn't see more than a few feet in front of me. My legs and back were tight during the bike and made it quite uncomfortable to be in arrow so I rode a ton on my hoods hoping they would loosen up. The rain continued off and on through the run. Not having my legs during the bike was a blessing because I had the best run I've ever had in a half. I've never broken 2 hours and at Muncie I was 1:48 (yippie). The only disappointment (and I sound nuts for saying this) was that I signed up for this race because I've heard it can be a very HOT, grueling day. This was supposed to be building me up for I'm praying this cool summer continues through August otherwise Hot Betty and I will be cooked!

I PR'd with a time of 5:38 where my previous time was 5:52 from Racine. Olympic, Halfs, and soon to be fulls are the only races I keep track of PR's. The distances for Sprint races fluctuate so much its hard to judge. Even though in the longer distance races sometimes one of the disciplines are short (or long) I think the times are all relative.

Next week I hope announce my Chicago Marathon - Girls on the Run fundraising event. I plan to send the email early next week, get a donation link set up on the blog, and a link on facebook.

Some Yummy Stuff
Here's been my staple breakfast for the past couple of weeks:
Chocolate Hemp Milk, Vanilla Almond Milk, 1c Frozen Spinach, 1T Flaxmeal, 1T protien powder, 1 Frozen Banana, 2T Naturally Nutty Peanut Butter, and sipping some Kombucha on the side to keep me healthy

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Gimmie Taper

That's right, it's a taper week and boy do I need it. Last week I maxed the max. It was my longest week by far in my IM journey but what made it toughed and pushed my limits was doing it over a holiday weekend. Granted I was in a beautiful location, I take that back, this place is perfection, my family lake house in Northern Michigan IS my numeral uno haven.

Here's a recap of the week. Mon-Thurs was the normal routine totaling out 4500m swimming, 4 hrs bike, and a 10 mile run. Fri-Sun was different once I arrived at the lake. Friday I swam 20min then ran 9 miles. Then on the 4th of July I ditched out on seeing lake buddies the night before and woke-up at sun-up. I drove into town and headed on out on Hot Betty.

My scheduled workout was a 90 mile ride where I planned a 30 mile loop from Boyne City to East Jordan to the Ferry and back to BC - times 3. Fun, Fun! I love my dad, the guy is just getting back into shape and he got up early, dragged out the Lemond, and rode most of the first loop with me!! Awesome job Daddy-O! Loop two was solo. Luckily BC was hosting a 10k in the morning then a parade around 11am, I missed most of the traffic and EJ was a ghost town. Loop three was a turning point for me. It actually started at the end of loop two and I was a 1/2 mile from the car and I ride up behind another cyclist - "hmmmm I thought, they have the same jersey as my dad but the same helmet as mom....MOM?". "Hey hun, I didn't have the right top so I wore your dads. My bike is making noise and can you put air in my tires?" So back at the car I fixed her all up and out we go, loop 3.

We started a little slower than I would have liked but I thought that this is good, I need to ride smart. When we rode into EJ I gave Mom the map and pointed her the shortcut back to BC while I completed the course. In the end I felt GREAT. When I did my first 75 of the season I bonked around 60 miles, my first century I bonked at 85, but back to 90 - no bonk. I think my nutrition plan is working out for me!!

Sunday unfortunately was not a good day for me. I had a character breakdown - crazy was taken over. I didn't know what to think of it, was I just being a wimp and wanting to hang out on the boat for the last few precious hours of my vacation or was I donzo? I had a scheduled 16 mile run which I easily could have done, I know my legs gtg were but my head wasn't. The feeling is like being asleep, the alarm goes off at 5am and you debate about hitting the snooze. But this time I was awake, I had already eaten breakfast, and I was screaming to myself "Kelli just put on your shoes and go!" But I did't go, instead I thought "No just swim, you need to swim, clear your head". I should know after 19 years of running ONLY running will fix the head. But I swam anyway, 30 minutes open water. I felt good, strong, and confident (i even opened my eyes under water). Punishment - I got swimmers itch probably from swimming near the public dock and beach. Thanks!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Warsaw Sprint Triathlon

This past weekend I raced at the Warsaw Sprint Triathlon. Since the race is a sprint distance there was no easy week and is to be considered a tempo brick workout. The race itself is great. If you are ever looking for a fantastic small town sprint distance tri I would definitely recommend this race.

Overall it went well, the swim was warm so wetsuits were not allowed, but it was the usual weedyness. I had a good T1 time and then for the bike I had a planned LT test. I reset my powertap before the race then didn't hit the start button until I got passed the beginning portion of the bike course. It was ON for the next 20 mins. It ended right before the turn around point. I was really happy with my results since I went up 9 watts from my last test. The rest of my ride was in tempo watts zone. Then off on the run I go. Out of T2 there were 4 girls all in my age group heading out together. The first 2 were picked off in the first half mile but I noticed the girl further out stayed within the same distance from me. So I played it smart and slowly caught up to her, the girl with pigtails. Then I just hung behind pigtails and let her pick the pace. I was feeling pretty good and my garmin said we were punching 6:38 pace. Then the worst thing happened, I cramped but it wasn't in my legs and it wasn't in my side. I felt like I got punched in the stomach. This occurred at mile 3 of 3.5, the big hill, and also the same time I saw my Dad who was screaming his heart out at me to keep moving. I've never had a cramp like this before. I used my thumb and tried to rub it out. A few strides out of the hill it started to go away but by now pigtails was long gone around the next turn. I knew I was coming into the end so I increased my pace and focused on the back of the person in front of me. I saw a bunch of guys from the Team a quarter mile to go and they were convinced I could pick off the last guy. Off I went - it's nice to have a little stored speed at the end because I caught the guy right before the finish.

Place 6th female overall. Third in my AG.

Next Race - Muncie Half Ironman July 11th.

A few things on swimming I want to add. These past two weeks I've made it out to the lake front for some OWS! My schedule says 60 mins straight. Which I can do in the pool but open water is a different story. Like I said the other week it was cold and my little fingers just can't hold the heat and stay together. Last week was better, warmer, and little miss Amber was joining me. This time we went to the second buoy for a total of 1600m at 34mins. This week my goal is 2400m and I estimate around 42 mins. If I work my way up to it I'll eventually be comfortable and confident to go all 4000m.

8 Weeks and 4 days til Ironman Louisville

Friday, June 19, 2009

First Cold Water Swim of the Season

I had my first open water swim of the season in Lake Michigan. It currently is 62.5 degrees!!! My planned workout was for a 60 minute straight swim but I had a feeling it wasn't going to go well. In the past I have had 2 other very cold swims. One was in Connecticut in the Long Island Sound. It was right after I received my sleeveless wetsuit so of course I had to try it out. Bad idea!! I believe the water temp was somewhere in the low 50's. Midway through the swim my hands went numb and my fingers started to separate. Luckily we were swimming the beach line and I immediately flipped over on my back and kicked my way in. Then I ran the half mile back down the beach.

My second cold water swim was at the Racine Half Ironman 2008. Water temps were 56 and I was freaking out! The day before I stuck my toesies in the water. Again, Bad Idea!! All evening I was psyching myself out, I even dreamed I drowned from going numb in the water. The next day it was still cold, duh! The start was delayed due to fog and the race coordinators also decided to bring the buoys in a little closer in case the fog rolled back in. The delay allowed me to acclimate myself to the water temp. Each time I would go in a little further then 5 mins before the start I went all the way under. There were a few race participants trying to be clever in keeping warm - like duct taping yellow kitchen gloves to their hands (which I totally think is against to rules). I believe neoprene caps are allowed, booties might be up to race director, but I'm sure gloves are not! Either way I had on two swim caps and my sleeveless wetsuit. Funny thing about the swim was that when they pulled in the buoys it 1. shortened the course and 2. had us swimming over a shallow sand bar. So when I felt my face going too numb to breathe or my hands starting to separate I would just stand and swim-run. Yes swim-running is a glorious thing!!

Now for yesterday. Maybe if the air temp was warmer or if it had not been raining for the past 3 weeks I might of been okay. Also since the last cold swims I have lost a few lbs and gained some muscle...there are days I miss my flab. The swim route is along a break wall with depths at 6-10 ft deep. So if I freak out or numb up there wasn't much I could do. I ended up swimming 10 mins out to the first buoy which I think is 500 meters out. At that point I was to scared to go to buoy two, another 500m. So I turned around. At the beach I debated going back out for another 1000m. At the time I was freezing but today I kick myself for not going back out. Besides the cold I did feel good. I just need to get used to the gloomy waters of the lake, suck it up, and Swim!

Here's me, the drowned Rat!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

10 Weeks til Ironman Louisville

I have hit the point of training where this is IT, this is what will make me an Ironman. For that reason I have had to let a few things go such as showering, napping, laundry, cleaning, blogging, but not reading blogs, yes I am still reading just lacking on the commenting. On a high note I have better organized my google reader. Since I've enter blog-world I have stumbled upon a number of awesome daily reads. I actually felt quite overwhelmed [and distracted] by the habit I have developed. Reader has been categorized into Foodies, Running, and Triathlon. My next goal is to update my page a bit, tri-accentuate it more, and update the blog roll!! I do need to write more because I've been going to bed with craziness going on in my head. I wish there was a device out there that recorded my thoughts and pasted them on my blog, maybe it would help me sleep better...zzzzzz.

Here's a few of those thoughts which haunt my sleeps at night
  • MIM Race Review (long awaited)
  • Mexico (Lynnie's Wedding)
  • 1st Century Ride
  • IM Louisville Camp
  • 1st Hemp Milk Smoothie
  • Chicago Marathon via GOTR???

Thursday, May 21, 2009

It was Hands Down Amazing!!

Last night was the Grand Opening for the New Whole Foods, Lincoln Park - I don't even know the words to describe how amazing it was. I did get a few comments from a guy working in the fish dept that "its okay", "everyone had been walking around in an amazed daze" and "you can breathe now". This is how great it is - I PR'd at my olympic distance tri this weekend and the first thing I blog about is the new WF!!! I so wish my camera wasn't broken so I could have captured the atmosphere. I didn't have anything to buy except chicken but I bought a container of 2% Fage and a Key Lime pie (post race treat) anyway. I did spend over an hour in the store touring around. Don't worry I plan to write more about my experiences at the new WF - especially since I'm planning a secret date night there with Hubby!

I do need to write a race report but I've been busy since the race and trying to play catch up at work. So to come - 8 minute PR at Memphis in May Olympic Triathlon.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Things to be Excited For

1. Lincoln Park is a getting a new Whole Foods
  • I've been watching this being built for the last year and a half. The gym I go to has a spinning room looking right out over the new location. I first thought it was to be a massive parking garage. This place is MASSIVE.
  • I finally don't have to deep breathing exercises before I go in to calm the anxiety - the old location was insanely small. Ok, maybe the first few times just because its awesome!
2. Memphis in May is this weekend
  • I leave tomorrow - In a suburban, 6 people, 3 bikes, & who knows how many wheels!
  • 3 Hotel Rooms - 4 people per room
  • 1 Spaghetti Warehouse - 20 people
3. Had my longest workout week - Last week I maxed out at 14 hours
  • Mon - Yoge 30 min
  • Tues -Run 7(60 mins), Yoga 20min, Swim workout 3100yds
  • Weds - Bike 2hr, Run 3 miles (25min)
  • Thurs -Run 5 miles(43min), Yoga 20min, Swim workout 1800
  • Fri - Bike 90 mins
  • Sat-Bike 52.6 miles (3:15), Run 4(34 mins)
  • Sun -Swim 500yds, Run 8 1:04 (tempo 5=7:15, 8=6:55)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Is It Monday Yet?

I've been starting to dig into to my newer/tougher training schedule. My usual schedule has been bumped up to include more biking - meaning I some how have to fit a 2.5 hr workout in my day. Last week I tried the morning and it didn't go well. 5 am wake, ride 2 hrs on the trainer, and a 2 mile run off. It was cut short because I ran out of time for the run. So this week I tried it at night. Hurried home from work, pulled out the pork roast I knew i wasn't going to have time to make, rode 2 hrs, ran 3 miles, got home 9pm!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!! Ate a PB&J and some Annie's Bunny cereal then went to bed all nasty but I was spent. Next morning 6am wake, run 5, arrive to work completely disheveled, and a little pissed I wore a skirt because now I can't wear my compression socks (I dont think they can pass as knee highs!!).

To answer my thought from the last post - I'm not going to the comedy show tonight. Hubby is going with a friend and this way I can get in my swim workout tonight, bike tomorrow morning, and be semi rested for the weekend. I am going to the CUBS game next week!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekly Summary

Past week
Tuesday-run 6 @ 51:20, Swim 2500yds (test)
Wednesday-Ride1:45(test) ran out of time for run off
Thursday-Swim 4x600 target pace was 1:41
Friday-bike 30mins, run 5 @ 39:35
Saturday-Bike 3hrs (40miles) Ave Watts 119, Run 4 @ 31:48
Sunday-Swim 500yds, Run 11 @ 1:32:40 Tempo Miles 5=7:31,8=7:33

(below is the email sent to coach g along with my summary)
I went to a concert Wednesday night and was out very late (for me) so i didn't get up early for my run Thursday morning. I made up the run Friday and snuck in a little bit of the bike. Its a new schedule so I'm trying to get used to riding longer on the trainer during the week. I don't have time in the morning for a bike/run brick and its still getting dark early evening by the time I'm off my bike. I went and met up with a bike group in the burbs I haven't ridden with before. They stopped A LOT!! But I wanted to at least try it out because they ride every Saturday. At least i know its a last resort of a group to ride with. One of the people i drove with had to get home so i ran right when i got home. I did something really stupid on my run Sunday- i forgot to bring food...i know that's bad and i felt it!!!! Never Again i promise!!!!!

I'm excited for my day off! I actually might go do a yoga class rather than a tv video. Coach G sent an email around this morning about preparing for the race - physically, mental, nutritionally and what I would call psychologically. I'm a bad traveler, it stresses me out to the 9's. I've already begun my OCD lists and I will keep rewriting them until I'm in the car. This trip will be bad too because I'm riding down in a suburban with 5 other people and will need to pack light - i'm a overpacker!!

I plan my next post to be about sleeping patterns. Last week I felt great until Wednesday when I stayed up late and got minimal sleep then allowed the rest of the week to go downhill. Hopefully I made up sleep this past weekend but Hubby bought comedy show tickets for the 10:30pm show on Thursday. Lets just pray the show Is Funny or we'll have a snoozer in the back row! I wonder how this will effect my training over the weekend? And next week (tues) we have CUBS tickets and its the week before the race - Should I forgo the baseball game and rest up for the race??

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Triathletes Just Wanna Have Fun

When Being an endurance athlete it is hard enough to find time with the eat, train, and sleep schedule for family, work, and home....but social life, say good bye. That is unless you consider 5:45 Friday morning group runs or a Saturday 7 am, 40 degree, 4 hr bike ride well... Fun. But I do, I truly do. The more I go out late just to have a few cocktails makes me regret my decisions more and more, not to mention one cocktail is just enough! The other delima is unavoidable social activities like my best friends shower and bachlorette party which I partook in this weekend. Yes I was a little frazzled with my training schedule but sometimes you...I.... Just need to learn to let it go. Someone once told me that when you miss a workout you just have to take the hit, you'll stress yourself out more trying to fit it back in. Its a training plan for a reason...if you mess with the science of it all it'll be worse....learn to let go.

I didn't post me workout summary for last week. At the end of this week I plan to post both. Last week was a bit of recovery from the Chica's Bike Weekend but this week I was scheduled a couple of "tests" or that's what Coach G refers them as. But yes, to test yourself in training other than a race is a good training practice. So far we are 2 of 3 tests done. Tuesday morning I had my usual 6 mile runs which was good because lifting over the weekend had made me pretty sore and my legs were still tight. I needed a good warm up run followed my some yoga and foam roll to work out the leg issues. In the evening was the swim test - warm with drill 900yds. Swim test was 1500 yds all out and record time at 500 intervals. I was so happy about my results. I have improved so much from last year!

Wednesday morning was the bike test. The night before I set the bike up on the trainer and laid everything out. Yay - 5:15 wake, change and make some oatmeal. I hopped on the bike for a 60 min warm up, ate my oats and a banana during the warm up, and watched Loser on HBO (wow that's a classic). Post hour I did 20 mins of higher wattage intervals to warm up a bit more. Then came the test - 20 mins all out, at the end of 20 mins pull computer off bike to stop readings. It was hard and the tv change to CMT was not helping. Hubby was awake by now so he grabbed the ipod and I finished the ride rocking out to Linkin Park and Paramore!!
Ave Watts - 145
Now I had a computrainer LT test too and those results were average watts at 160. Coach G explained why they were such a difference.

BTW - This Triathlete had even more fun in store this week. Last night I went to the Brittney Spears concert. I've never seen one of her shows but it was AWESOME. I know, right.....but I went with 3 of my girlfriends and we all thought it was so amazing. Everyone in the show worked their booties off and are all in such great shape, including Brit! I wouldn't recommend the show for young children, it was pretty X-rated.
There's more to come from my 2009 concert series!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dinner & A Workout - New Series

I'm sure everyone goes through this, I know I sure do. I plan my meals around my training schedule. If there isn't enough time in the evening then its frozen burritos or if its a short recovery run its a taco bar with the works. Here was the issue I was faced with yesterday. On Monday I did my usual grocery shopping and picked up some sockeye salmon, acorn squash, and cauliflower. Problem was I had late night masters swimming Tuesday, a long bike/run Wednesday, and a long swim Thursday evening. When was I going to find time to cook the fish before it spoiled? While at work the entire planning began - How I will get in my workout and prepare a nice dinner for Hubby! This is where Dinner & A Workout began. I hope weekly I can blog my crazy and insane way of how to prepare a meal while also get in a good workout.

Here we GO!

Workout: 2hr bike with intervals, 2 mile Run-off
Soy Glazed Sockeye Salmon, Cranberry Walnut Acorn Squash, Cauliflower Mash

Began when I arrived home from work
  • Prepare Soy Marinade in plastic baggie or container-Place fish in Marinade and set in fridge
  • Change into biking attire and set bike on trainer-Begin Bike workout
  • Bike workout ends-Preheat oven to 350
  • Change into Running Clothes-Fill bottom of baking pan with H2o, cut acorn squash in half, place in pan, place pan in oven, set timer for 30 mins
  • Leave for run (don't worry Hubby was home to watch the oven)-Run to whole foods 1 mile away
  • Pick up Vegetable Broth (smallest container) and Goat Cheese-Run Home
  • Preheat Grill (Hubby helped)-Steam Cauliflower
  • Place Fish on Grill-Remove Cauliflower from microwave and mash with remainder of ingredients
  • Remove Squash from oven-Place Squash on plate and top with Agave Nectar, Walnuts, dried Cranberries, and Goat Cheese
  • Remove Fish from Grill-Plate up everything else
  • HUZZA!!!!

Soy Glazed Salmon
1T Dark Brown Sugar
2T Balsamic Vinegar
2T Low Sodium Soy
1T Honey
Grill Flesh Down 4 mins
Flip and Grill Skin Down 7 mins

Cauliflower Mash
1 Head Cauliflower
1t minced Garlic
1T Butter
Dash of Garlic Powder
Dash of S&P
1/2 c Veg Broth

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I <3 Costco

I picked up some good buys recently. Due to a number of blogs I have begun two obsessions - Naturally Nutty Peanut Butter and Chobani Yogurt. I even have gotten Hubby hooked on the PB. In the last month we have made two orders online. Here's breakfast-I had to try every one!

Next is Chobani. I have been in dire need of upping my protein intake. Especially on salad days when chicken isn't an option. Initially I wasn't able to find it at the store I went to. So I did the obvious and looked it up online. Luckily there is a list of store locations. I was able to get it at Jewel or Whole Foods for around $1.80ish. Well GUESS WHAT?!?! Costco also carries Chobani, where I got a dozen for $11.67!! I love Costco.

Yesterday I got back into the swing of things. After the long Chica Bike Weekend I thought I would be in great need of some rest and recovery. To be honest by Monday afternoon I wasn't feeling too bad. That's when I got the email from Coach G with my weekly schedule. First he told me to take both Monday and Tuesday off. Yes, two days off is a vacation in my book but I'm training for an IRONMAN - there's no vacation in IM!! I let Coach G know I was in to start back up on Tuesday. His reply "Ok, you asked for it, its on tomorrow:)" - Masters Swimming and a 6 Mile run ending with strides. I felt great during the run, 6 miles at 49:40. Swimming was a different story, the pool finally opened up to the 'Big Pool' - 50meter length. I've swam long course before but I expected to be tired then. I could not get in a rhythm, the guys I usually lead were leading me, and I really felt like a cat in the water!! 3200m later I was done, swamped, couldn't feel my arms, lets just hope next week is better.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Chica Bike Weekend Summary

The Chica Bike Weekend was great. This was the kick start I needed for the outdoor bike season.

Here's a run down of how the weekend went.

My drive down didn't go as planned. I left work and got out of the city on time but an hour into the drive I hit some very bad traffic. It delayed the trip 2 hours! So I called up hubby and told him that I wasn't going to make the entire drive. My bed time is 9:30, no way I was capable of driving late. According to T-Lo (TomTom Go), I would arrive at my destination around midnight. This was not a good start to a long weekend. Hubby looked up airport hotels for me in Indy since it was the closest along my route. We found a decently priced hotel and I ended up crashing there. There was only one room left and I am very thankful to the guy at the front desk who discounted it for me since the online rate we had found was less expensive. He even watched my bike for me while I parked the car. My room was very nice and I had an uber comfy King bed to myself.

I actually slept in a bit. I called the girls the night before to see when they anticipated wheels up. They decided late morning which was not super early so I did sleep in. Once I woke I took my bike back out to the car then checked out the free breakfast. I got eggs, a bagel with PB, and some tea then was on my way - Roll Out!
For the first ride we rode the outer circle of Bloomington. It was a great ride with some good hills. I particularly am not a hill climber but I know it makes me stronger. I was so happy to ride on familiar roads and the weather was perfect - 70 with a slight breeze. I was smart and lathered on the sunscreen too! We rode a few of the popular hills that I recalled from college riding - down Boltinghouse, up Bean Blossom, Bottoms End, and I know there was one more but cannot remember it. We stopped in Ellettsville for water refill and a few potty breaks along the way. In the end we rode 4 hours, 61 miles, and I averaged 106 watts. During the ride I had 4 Endurolytes, 1 bottle with 3 scoops Perpetuem, 1 lemon zest Luna bar, and 1 peanut butter &banana Bonk Breaker For recovery I drank a glass of Light Soy Chocolate Milk and sampled all the yummy peanut butters everyone brought.
For dinner we got my favorite college pizza - Mother Bears!!! It was so yummy.

I woke up with the expected tightness in my neck. It takes a few times riding outside to get used to it and for my shoulders and neck to strengthen. Today for breakfast I had a Natural Ovens blueberry bagel with NN Almond Butter and bananas. The weather was a little more chilly this morning so I wore my arm warmers. I still remembered sunscreen! Today we had an official local guide. M's dad took us on a tour around Lake Monroe. It was a beautiful ride but the weather also made more cars (including boat trailers). My two scariest things for biking are pot holes and Mac Trucks - both of which I saw plenty of. I wish I pack more water, it started to get humid during the ride. We rode for 3 hours, got in around 47 miles, and averaged 97 watts. Post ride we all headed out for a small brick - 20 minute run at 8:07 pace.
Bonus points of the day - Chasing P & H up a hill because they missed the turn. Fighting off ONE BIG DOG - that's what being in the back gets me - dog duty.
When we got back I had some tried Strawberry Recoverite - it did the trick.
For dinner M's parents made a yummy vegetarian dinner - spinach salad with pears and toasted pecans and a mustard vinaigrette, potato and green bean with olive dressing, and grilled portobello mushroom stuffed with Roma tomatoes and feta.

Even more tightness in the neck and shoulders. I blame biking not the air mattress. Well we woke up to the expected rain but good thing the expected thunderstorms did not occur. P and I had ride/run brick on our schedule, the other ladies only had a run. We headed out (with our guide) and did a perfect hour ride! A few small hills but some good rollers. The last bit of our ride was a 10 minute LT - I pushed hard and kept up with P the entire time. I hadn't even noticed the rain picked up during the last part mostly due to the fact I was sucking tire water the entire time. Don't worry I checked when we were done - No Worms! I run felt great. Average watts were 103. For the run P and I did 7 miles at 8:38 pace, no hammy issues either. I was a bit worried about issues with my hip flaring up, especially after riding that much and following with a run. Looks like all my PT and hard work is paying off. Recovery drink - Citrus Recoverite with a packet of Herbalife H30 - so so yummy, it tasted like TANG! This will become my new recovery drink.

Ending thoughts
I really had a wonderful time this weekend. I am so grateful to have training buddies like I do. They all allowed me to pick theirs brains for cycling tricks and tips, IM nutrition info, and everything I should know about IM. I feel that I have gained so much this weekend and I hope to use is these next few weeks in my training as I gear up for the Memphis in May triathlon.

Weekly Summary
Monday - Off
Tuesday - Run 6 miles, Swim 3100yds(Masters)
Wednesday - Run 6, Swim 2300yds
Thursday - Off/Travel
Friday - Bike 61 miles
Saturday - Bike 47 miles, Run 2.5miles
Sunday - Bike 15 miles, Run 7miles

As of today - 18 weeks and 5 days til Ironman Louisville!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Chica Bike Weekend: Travel

I leave in a half hour and then off to B-Town! I don't know how the other women are getting down there in one car. My car is completely packed: 1 bike, 2 front wheels, 1 cooler, 1 aerobed with sheets & a pillow, 1 bag of clothes, 1 bag of cycling/swimming/running gear, 1 foam roller, 1 Stick, and 1 bag of random stuff. I forgot to take a picture this morning. I'll try to remember and post it tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pumpin up for a weekend with the Ironmoms

This might be my last post until I leave for the Second Annual Chica Bike Weekend. It will be a great training weekend - time in the country, hills, and hopefully some warmer weather. This year I vow to wear more sunscreen! Last year I ended up with red sleeves which were still apparent around the time of my August wedding. It wasn't difficult to explain to the spray tanner lady where all my tan lines were - short sleeve jersey, sleeveless jersey, the smiley face on my lower back from jersey creep, shorts lines, sock lines, Garmin line, sports tank lines, helmet strap lines - I'm sure there were more but you get the idea.

This years bike event I will be joining 4 Ironmoms - Mrs. P, Mrs. M, Mrs. H, and Mrs A. They are Notorious Ironmoms, one of which is a Kona age group top finisher. They all eat measly twenty-somethings like me for breakfast.

Schedule looks like 3 days of biking, the last day is a brick (ride/run), and if we feel like it (which they will) its a day pass to swimming at the YMCA. Can't wait (whats emoticons for nail biting?)!

I'll try to bring my laptop and log the training, face feeding, and butt kicking!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

2 Week Hiatus

I knew when I started blogging there would definitely be times of hiatus. Like I noted in my last post, Coach G said I was going to have a tough couple of weeks ahead of me, and I did. On top of that Hubby left town for work and took the 'good/working' computer with him, work was swamped, and I admit to being lazy and not dragging home my work laptop.

I'll attempt to summarize the last two weeks - I had a good first week, energy levels were up, I ate like crazy, and my first order of Naturally Nutty arrived (and it truly is as good as everyone says it is!). Week two I started to get tired, lifted on Wednesday and had DOMS for the rest of the week, I went to my parents for the weekend and was able to train with the team, got in my First outdoor ride of the season (thanks Martin!), and some good sleep. Sunday was a overloaded food day but I couldn't turn down any of Grandma's cookin'. I made vegan carrot cake muffins but the only way I could get my family to eat them was to cover them in real cream cheese frosting - so much for trying to get them to eat healthy.
I promise dear blog I will work harder and not neglect you.

Workout Summary
Week 1
Mon-Stretch and Hip exercises
Tues-Run 6, Swim 90 mins
Weds-Spin 45min, Swim 90 mins
Thurs-Run 5
Fri-Run 6
Sat-Bike 3hrs
Sun-Run 10, Swim 60 mins
Totals: Run 27 miles, Swim 88000yds

Tues-Run 6, Swim 90min
Wed-Spin 45min, Lift 60min
Thurs-Run 6
Fri-Spin 60min, Swim 40min
Sat-Bike 3hrs(40mi)
Sun-Run 10
Totals:Run 22 miles, Swim 4700yds

This week I am taking it easy because on Thursday I am heading down to Southern Indiana for the Second Annual Chica Bike Weekend!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Slippery, Slushy, Shamrock Shuffle

Happy Birthday to ME.
Sunday was my birthday and it was also Shamrock Shuffle day. All I can say is that it was one of the craziest weather races I've ever done - that's why I love Chicago! I planned to run down to the race since I had 9 miles scheduled but there was no practical and safe way to run there. Instead just ran it tempo paced. Before the race started I had lost all feeling below the knee and shoes weighed 10 lbs! Hubby was the best sport ever. He spent all morning texting his friends who we all planned to run with but poor guy, they all bailed. He did end up running with Lynnie while I moved up to the front to get the race over and done with. I will post pics once I get them - still living in the 90's with a disposable camera since the digital is broke.
8k - 39:30
Hubby - 1:01

Last Week Workout Summary
Mon - Yoga and Stretch
Tues - Run 4.4 TM, Swim w/ Masters
Weds - Spin 45mins, Swim w/ Masters
Thurs - Run 6, Massage!!
Fri - Run 5, Yoga
Sat - Bike @ Computrainer class 2:42
Sun - Run 8k
Total Miles: 20.5
Total Swim yrds - 5000

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

R.I.P Favorite Swim Cap

I can't believe I had two botched workouts in a row. Yesterday I had a 6 mile run in the morning. I was all dressed to go then realized there was no way I was running in the Monsoon occurring outside. So I hightailed it to the gym for a TM run (booo!). When I got there I was already cutting into my time so I thought I would run as far as I could for 50 minutes. I'm just about to get on the TM and I noticed I did not have my ipod...where was my ipod...oh no, freaking out...obviously I left it at home. I like my gym in a way - they think they're a night club so the music is always jammin'. Not that I love the music they play but it keeps me awake in the morning. The people watching wasn't entertaining either. Instead I watched outside the window at people attempting to walk in the monsoon. I was only able to get in 4.5 miles in the allotted time. When I got home and took off my hoodie guess what I found....oh my ipod, it was on me the entire time.

Now for the evening workout. I went to swim with the masters program. As I was about to get into the water, I gave my swim cap one more little tug, and rip there goes my swim cap. I didn't have my extra cap in my bag, the coach on deck didn't have an extra, and everyone else was already in the water so I didn't want to make a big fuss. I swam all practice sans cap. I'm so lucky to have a sister that's a hair stylist - she is always loading me down with products to help me keep my hair blonde and smooth, not green and crunchy.

The master program I swim with has late night practices 7:30-9 so I must eat before I go. One of my favorite quick and easy food are PJ's Organics Organic Chicken Burritos (found at whole foods). So what if I have a Burrito Belly before I go swim, these things are worth it! To cook - microwave for 2 minutes wrapped in paper towel then place in toaster over and toast on Med. I ate this with sweet potatoes containing agave nectar, maple syrup, and a splash of vanilla and edamame.

Here was breakfast.
A Mango Strawberry Smoothie and a 2 Egg Omelet with Asparagus and Feta

I must apologize for the picture quality. I broke my camera two weeks ago so these were all take via cell phone.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Shoe Review

Yesterday I called my shoe store. I support a running store from my hometown back in Indiana. When I called I received some bad news - my shoes (Asics GT- 2130) were redesigned and are now the Asics GT-2140. The shoe guru informed me the new model has a much different fit - which totally bummed me out. He told me to go and try on two other shoes - the Asics 1140 and the Adrenaline 9.

Here's a little info on my history of running shoes. When I was little (remember I started running at 9) I wore velcro Etonics because at that time the only shoe available to fit my little foot where walking shoes made for senior citizens. Finally when my feet were big enough I settled into the Asics 1000 series. Then in college I changed to the new Brooks Adrenaline. I have a super narrow foot and a high arch (i can stick a pencil under my foot and it wont touch my foot at all). I ran in the Adrenaline's for a handful of years until one day I was at a group track practice and forgot my shoes. I went to the nearest sporting goods store and what do you know - they didn't carry any Brooks shoes just Nike and Asics. I bought the cheapest pair of decent Asics - the GT-2100 series. I have been running in them since (3 yrs) and so you can see the freak out this can cause.

Last night I went to sport store to try on all 3 shoes and compare. Unfortunately they did not have the Adrenaline 9's only the 8's.

Asics GT-2140 - They widened the toe box and it felt like the heel was too narrow - something was definitely up with the heel. The shoe guru said the new design reminded him of the older Adrenaline style with the wider toe box. I can tell you I was NOT a fan!

Asics 1140 - The shoe guru said these are like the 2130's and they were. My feet felt like they were home again!

Adrenaline 8 - Was not a fan. The arch was too low and the toe box too big. The shoe guru said the 9's are more narrow and possibly also modeled off of the 2130s.

For now I am going to buy the 1140s and when I conveniently come into contact with the Adrenaline 9 I will try those on.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Talk to the Water

Below I'll post my weekly workout summary but want to reflect on my weekend.

My hubby was gone all weekend and I missed him terribly but it was warm weekend in chicago for once. I usually never take walks in my neighborhood because I'm pretty beat from my normal workout routine. Since hubby was gone I had to borrow a friends suv to get to computrainer class. He lives a good handful of blocks away from me so I decided to walk to the nearest main intersection and get a cab. But I kept walking and found myself roaming through streets here and there. An hour later (an a stop at chipolte) I arrived home.

I did the same thing Sunday morning. I didn't have workout plans til 1 so I ventured out. I found myself sitting in the park for a good half hour people watching, watching a woman and her dog play fetch - I wasnt sure who was the fetchie because the woman ran to the ball more than the dog. I guess I've had a lot on my mind this week. My dad was diagnosed with stage 2 prostate cancer back in January. He had his removal surgery last Friday and we were all on edge waiting to hear back the test results. On Friday we got the best news-it didn't spread! He's still in recovery mode but it was a huge relief for my family. Since I have had that on my mind for the past few weeks my walks helped me deal with everything else I had been putting on the back burner. Back to the park, sitting on the bench near Scarecrow, a fellow bike buddy and his dog walked by and we started talking Tri's. Its always pleasant to see a familiar face in the park. I kept him company til his dog was tired from playing then I continued on my walk. I ventured around the neighborhood a bit more then finally got home to begin my Sunday workouts.

I went swimming with Amber and she noticed I was completely out of it. It probably had something to do with spending the past two days roaming chicago with just my thoughts. But the moment I got in the water it all went away. I know a lot of people find relaxation in yoga and although I have been getting into yoga more the past few months I still find that being in the water has the most comfort. Maybe its that the water drowns out all noise, all i can hear are the noises I make as I glide through, or the rhythm of my breathing, or the monotony of the pool floor. I was grateful for my swim since my thoughts and my mood was starting drain all my energy. Went I got home I went and ran 8 miles - it felt great to be restored.

Monday - at home yoga
Tuesday - 6 mile run, 2950yrd swim workout
Wednesday - Computrainer class
Thursday - 3 mile run on TM, 30mins core strength, 1000yrd swim drills
Friday - 5 mile tempo run (41:40)
Saturday - Computrainer class (1:50:00) , 60mins strength training
Sunday - 2000yrd swim, 8 mile run (1:09:00)

Sunday Breakfast
Steel cut Oats
Skim Milk
Blue Agave Nectar
Sliced Almonds
Sliced Banana

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hunger Paings

Since I've kicked it into high gear with my training I can't seem to stop the hunger paings. Last night after computrainer class I brought it up with Coach S. I told her what I ate during the day and she said it sounds like I wasn't getting enough protein. Before I decided to sign up for an Ironman I was just training for shorter races. I went about my normal eating habits which was to eat everything in site. I grew up as a picky eater(i really only ate carbs!)-cereal, pancakes, pasta w/ butter & cheese, and PB&J. Two years ago when I lived in CT I started learning more about nutrition, healthy eating habits, and label reading. Mostly my #1 goal is no HFCS . For anyone trying to change eating habits I think this is the easiest way to start. Since then a lot of things have changed. My newest endeavour is protein. My coach told me I needed to have 70g a day. Its been a year now and I still struggle. I mostly get the paings in the afternoon from after lunch until I go home from work. Its distracting sitting here and talking myself out of getting a bag of Cheetos and a coke. Coach S suggested I only need to add a bit more protein to lunch and that should help. I started today and we'll see how it goes.
What I usually eat in a day

Pre-AM Workout
Banana &/or pkg oatmeal, bagel w/ PB, or homemade muffin

2 eggs or a smoothie (recipe to follow)

Morning Snack

1 pkg Kirklands Organic oatmeal (flavored)
I add a half pgk of flax oatmeal too if I had eggs
If I have some available then I snack one of my homemade breads or muffins throughout the morning.

Salad with cranberries, walnuts, blue cheese, and balsamic vinaigrette
Add Chicken!!

Afternoon Snack

PB&J Sammy - organic PB & Strawberry Jam, Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Bread

Pre-Workout Snack

or Energy Bar - my two faves are Lemon Zest Luna bar and PB&J Bonk Breaker (they just came out with a new PB&Banana bread too, its Yummies!)


Salmon w/ Broccoli and couscous (meat, veg, carb)
or Barrilla Plus Pasta with chicken, broccoli, EVOO, Garlic, and a pinch of parm

This Mornings Breakfast

Strawberry, Banana, Mango Smoothie

1/4c Naked Protein Zone
1/3c Light Vanilla Soy Milk
1T Flaxseed
1/2 Banana
2 Large Frozen Strawberries (i get kirkland brand from costco)
3 Slices of Mangos
2 small hand fulls for frozen baby leaf spinach
5 Almonds

Friday, March 13, 2009

Run a little bit longer

Last week I had 3-run days in a row, i'm pooped! I am just getting over a really bad sinus infection in which I had to take all of last week off, on top of just getting back from vacation. So that is almost 1.5 weeks I had off. I felt decently strong in all my runs but I did have to do Thursday on a treadmill because Wednesday run proved a tiny bit of my cough still lingers.
This week I attempted to switch it up and am feeling better but I am starting to add intensity to my runs and its causing some of injury pain to come back, looks like I'm already getting a failing grade for my at home injury homework!

One good thing last week was I had my last physical therapy session. Taking a few steps back now it was in Sept 2008 when I was training for a half marathon. I have ran a few in the past but have never 'trained' for one. I started to get a little pain, or tightness, in my hamstring when doing tempo and interval workouts. I knew there was a problem when I would be sitting at my desk or on the couch at home and would get shooting pain down through my hip to my knee. I continued to train and in Oct. PR'd for a half. I took a week off thinking it would help heal the pain. When I started back up I continued to run and begin cycling base training. I continued to have consistent pain in my leg and hip. I wasnt until I went to my parents for Thanksgiving that I finally did something about it. I ended up taking 4 weeks off of running but continued to cycle (computrainer). After 4 weeks of no running and weekly deep tissue therapy I seeked out a Doc. Granted this is one week till 1/1/09, dooms day - the start of Ironman training and I still wasn't able to run. Seeing the the doctor was a huge turn around, although I had an idea of what was going on I was able to take more steps towards the recovery. I was able to start running again but was not allowed any intensity. I had tendonist in my hip from a strained hamstring which was caused by weak glutes. I always find it a common thing in running when injuries or weakness are not dealt with in the early stages they eventually start webbing out to whereever else it can go. After 10 weeks of physical therapy and many torturing massages later I've been released. Now my goal is to keep up with my at home program and strength training.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just Go

I am finally getting this started. I have debated for the past 2 months on this. What did I want to say? I have so much going on with my training, my nutrition, and life I just need to get it out. Currently I am training for Ironman Louisville in Aug 2009. I have been running since I was 9 and started triathlons after college. Triathlons are a foreign world to me than running ever was. I always felt so comfortable with it. Tri's are completely different story and after 5 years of them I've decided to tackle to biggest one of all. I hope to discuss my training, my team, nutrition, and the recovery of an injury. I'm also a new wife and after a few years of moving around we've finally settled in the great city of Chicago.