Friday, November 13, 2009

Sign Stephs Petition to Be Strong

Just a Quickie. Please stop over at Tri to Be Strong and read Steph's post. I can't say enough on how strong and inspiring she is. I remember when I went out for a long run and Steph was running the Komen 10k. I ran the course backwards to find her and finish the last few miles with her. Thats the longest she had ever ran and she did the whole thing with a big-ass smile on her face! I just ask that you read her post and sign!! Thanks So Much!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Friday Treat: Protein Bar

This are looking up! I'm officially signed up for the Huff 50k - Team IE Blondies relay! I've made some serious progress this week as I attempt to get back in good form. I'm now fully signed up for master's swimming. Since its already halfway through the session I choose to only get the 4-punch card. I swam for the first time since IM yesterday - 1200m and I thought I was going to drown!!! SO I know I won't be able to go to the 90min Distance swim practice but for the next few weeks I'll be trying out the 1 hr mid-distance practice, I'll let you know how it goes on Friday.

Friday Treat
I used to always have Fridays as my off/rest days, it was my little treat. Well while training for IM Friday's no longer became my rest days - those were switched to Monday. Truly it was a blessing because Mondays are the hardest days to wake-up early (next to Friday), I was able to get all my Wifey chores done for the week (grocery, dry cleaning, some big meal that resulted in leftovers), and it allowed me to recover from the weekend's workouts. Still though, I miss my Friday treat, and so as a compromise and end of work week reward I stop and purchase breakfast. Last week I went to Protein Bar in the SW corner of the loop. Not only is it convenient to get to from train to work but its the healthiest bfast option (bye-bye egg mcmuffin)!! I got a make-your-own oatmeal bowl - steal cut oats, Almond Milk, Sliced Almonds, Aguave, Strawberry protein powder, and Sliced Strawberries. They also carry Kombucha drinks and Chobani - you know, just in case you need a fix! Hubby even ventures from his opposite end Loop location - although he refers to it as the place I go to get jacked-up...... too much coffee there Hubs!

Monday, November 2, 2009

MMMmmmmmm Oaties!!!!

Meet my new love - Oat Bran. I recently attempted a recipe that included oat bran. Nonetheless the recipe (coconut & oat bran talapia) was Not a hit. But a few other food bloggies have been making morning oat bran and since the bag was just hanging out in my pantry I thought I should try. I have now entered Oat Bran Bliss.

1 c. Water
1 c. Vanilla Almond Milk
2/3 c. Bob Mills Oat Bran
1 T light brown sugar
1 t Trader Joe's Agave
dash of cinnamon
Pumpkin Butter
Vanilla Almond Butter
More Brown Sugar (i was on a sugar kick, I could have done w/o the T in the mixer)

I do not believe I have ever eaten oat bran before. It is very much like cream of wheat which is the best way to describe the texture of the oaties.

Sunday, Hubs and I went to Orange on Roscoe, the place for brunch. I got pan seared steel cut oatmeal. Very Delish!
There are numerous Orange restaurants in the Chicago area. We decided on the one in Roscoe village thinking it would be less busy. We were seated right away but out server didn't arrive for 15 minutes. Also we were sat near a speaker that blared what I can only describe as Dolly Parton music.

Here is this mornings Yummies!
Pineapple Chobani
1 Kiwi
1/2 Banana
1 c. Natures Path cereal

Last Week's Workout Progress
*I didn't swim
*I didn't try the class at the gym, no yoga either
*Sacked the QB!
*Ran 3 times but didn't get in the long run

Workout Goals this Week
*Win the last game of the Football season
*Swim, Swim, Swim - and sign back up for Masters
*Get up and bike with AK on Thursday
*Run 7 miles