Thursday, May 21, 2009

It was Hands Down Amazing!!

Last night was the Grand Opening for the New Whole Foods, Lincoln Park - I don't even know the words to describe how amazing it was. I did get a few comments from a guy working in the fish dept that "its okay", "everyone had been walking around in an amazed daze" and "you can breathe now". This is how great it is - I PR'd at my olympic distance tri this weekend and the first thing I blog about is the new WF!!! I so wish my camera wasn't broken so I could have captured the atmosphere. I didn't have anything to buy except chicken but I bought a container of 2% Fage and a Key Lime pie (post race treat) anyway. I did spend over an hour in the store touring around. Don't worry I plan to write more about my experiences at the new WF - especially since I'm planning a secret date night there with Hubby!

I do need to write a race report but I've been busy since the race and trying to play catch up at work. So to come - 8 minute PR at Memphis in May Olympic Triathlon.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Things to be Excited For

1. Lincoln Park is a getting a new Whole Foods
  • I've been watching this being built for the last year and a half. The gym I go to has a spinning room looking right out over the new location. I first thought it was to be a massive parking garage. This place is MASSIVE.
  • I finally don't have to deep breathing exercises before I go in to calm the anxiety - the old location was insanely small. Ok, maybe the first few times just because its awesome!
2. Memphis in May is this weekend
  • I leave tomorrow - In a suburban, 6 people, 3 bikes, & who knows how many wheels!
  • 3 Hotel Rooms - 4 people per room
  • 1 Spaghetti Warehouse - 20 people
3. Had my longest workout week - Last week I maxed out at 14 hours
  • Mon - Yoge 30 min
  • Tues -Run 7(60 mins), Yoga 20min, Swim workout 3100yds
  • Weds - Bike 2hr, Run 3 miles (25min)
  • Thurs -Run 5 miles(43min), Yoga 20min, Swim workout 1800
  • Fri - Bike 90 mins
  • Sat-Bike 52.6 miles (3:15), Run 4(34 mins)
  • Sun -Swim 500yds, Run 8 1:04 (tempo 5=7:15, 8=6:55)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Is It Monday Yet?

I've been starting to dig into to my newer/tougher training schedule. My usual schedule has been bumped up to include more biking - meaning I some how have to fit a 2.5 hr workout in my day. Last week I tried the morning and it didn't go well. 5 am wake, ride 2 hrs on the trainer, and a 2 mile run off. It was cut short because I ran out of time for the run. So this week I tried it at night. Hurried home from work, pulled out the pork roast I knew i wasn't going to have time to make, rode 2 hrs, ran 3 miles, got home 9pm!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!! Ate a PB&J and some Annie's Bunny cereal then went to bed all nasty but I was spent. Next morning 6am wake, run 5, arrive to work completely disheveled, and a little pissed I wore a skirt because now I can't wear my compression socks (I dont think they can pass as knee highs!!).

To answer my thought from the last post - I'm not going to the comedy show tonight. Hubby is going with a friend and this way I can get in my swim workout tonight, bike tomorrow morning, and be semi rested for the weekend. I am going to the CUBS game next week!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekly Summary

Past week
Tuesday-run 6 @ 51:20, Swim 2500yds (test)
Wednesday-Ride1:45(test) ran out of time for run off
Thursday-Swim 4x600 target pace was 1:41
Friday-bike 30mins, run 5 @ 39:35
Saturday-Bike 3hrs (40miles) Ave Watts 119, Run 4 @ 31:48
Sunday-Swim 500yds, Run 11 @ 1:32:40 Tempo Miles 5=7:31,8=7:33

(below is the email sent to coach g along with my summary)
I went to a concert Wednesday night and was out very late (for me) so i didn't get up early for my run Thursday morning. I made up the run Friday and snuck in a little bit of the bike. Its a new schedule so I'm trying to get used to riding longer on the trainer during the week. I don't have time in the morning for a bike/run brick and its still getting dark early evening by the time I'm off my bike. I went and met up with a bike group in the burbs I haven't ridden with before. They stopped A LOT!! But I wanted to at least try it out because they ride every Saturday. At least i know its a last resort of a group to ride with. One of the people i drove with had to get home so i ran right when i got home. I did something really stupid on my run Sunday- i forgot to bring food...i know that's bad and i felt it!!!! Never Again i promise!!!!!

I'm excited for my day off! I actually might go do a yoga class rather than a tv video. Coach G sent an email around this morning about preparing for the race - physically, mental, nutritionally and what I would call psychologically. I'm a bad traveler, it stresses me out to the 9's. I've already begun my OCD lists and I will keep rewriting them until I'm in the car. This trip will be bad too because I'm riding down in a suburban with 5 other people and will need to pack light - i'm a overpacker!!

I plan my next post to be about sleeping patterns. Last week I felt great until Wednesday when I stayed up late and got minimal sleep then allowed the rest of the week to go downhill. Hopefully I made up sleep this past weekend but Hubby bought comedy show tickets for the 10:30pm show on Thursday. Lets just pray the show Is Funny or we'll have a snoozer in the back row! I wonder how this will effect my training over the weekend? And next week (tues) we have CUBS tickets and its the week before the race - Should I forgo the baseball game and rest up for the race??