Monday, June 29, 2009

Warsaw Sprint Triathlon

This past weekend I raced at the Warsaw Sprint Triathlon. Since the race is a sprint distance there was no easy week and is to be considered a tempo brick workout. The race itself is great. If you are ever looking for a fantastic small town sprint distance tri I would definitely recommend this race.

Overall it went well, the swim was warm so wetsuits were not allowed, but it was the usual weedyness. I had a good T1 time and then for the bike I had a planned LT test. I reset my powertap before the race then didn't hit the start button until I got passed the beginning portion of the bike course. It was ON for the next 20 mins. It ended right before the turn around point. I was really happy with my results since I went up 9 watts from my last test. The rest of my ride was in tempo watts zone. Then off on the run I go. Out of T2 there were 4 girls all in my age group heading out together. The first 2 were picked off in the first half mile but I noticed the girl further out stayed within the same distance from me. So I played it smart and slowly caught up to her, the girl with pigtails. Then I just hung behind pigtails and let her pick the pace. I was feeling pretty good and my garmin said we were punching 6:38 pace. Then the worst thing happened, I cramped but it wasn't in my legs and it wasn't in my side. I felt like I got punched in the stomach. This occurred at mile 3 of 3.5, the big hill, and also the same time I saw my Dad who was screaming his heart out at me to keep moving. I've never had a cramp like this before. I used my thumb and tried to rub it out. A few strides out of the hill it started to go away but by now pigtails was long gone around the next turn. I knew I was coming into the end so I increased my pace and focused on the back of the person in front of me. I saw a bunch of guys from the Team a quarter mile to go and they were convinced I could pick off the last guy. Off I went - it's nice to have a little stored speed at the end because I caught the guy right before the finish.

Place 6th female overall. Third in my AG.

Next Race - Muncie Half Ironman July 11th.

A few things on swimming I want to add. These past two weeks I've made it out to the lake front for some OWS! My schedule says 60 mins straight. Which I can do in the pool but open water is a different story. Like I said the other week it was cold and my little fingers just can't hold the heat and stay together. Last week was better, warmer, and little miss Amber was joining me. This time we went to the second buoy for a total of 1600m at 34mins. This week my goal is 2400m and I estimate around 42 mins. If I work my way up to it I'll eventually be comfortable and confident to go all 4000m.

8 Weeks and 4 days til Ironman Louisville

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Congrats on an awesome race and finish. Great Job.'

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