Wednesday, June 17, 2009

10 Weeks til Ironman Louisville

I have hit the point of training where this is IT, this is what will make me an Ironman. For that reason I have had to let a few things go such as showering, napping, laundry, cleaning, blogging, but not reading blogs, yes I am still reading just lacking on the commenting. On a high note I have better organized my google reader. Since I've enter blog-world I have stumbled upon a number of awesome daily reads. I actually felt quite overwhelmed [and distracted] by the habit I have developed. Reader has been categorized into Foodies, Running, and Triathlon. My next goal is to update my page a bit, tri-accentuate it more, and update the blog roll!! I do need to write more because I've been going to bed with craziness going on in my head. I wish there was a device out there that recorded my thoughts and pasted them on my blog, maybe it would help me sleep better...zzzzzz.

Here's a few of those thoughts which haunt my sleeps at night
  • MIM Race Review (long awaited)
  • Mexico (Lynnie's Wedding)
  • 1st Century Ride
  • IM Louisville Camp
  • 1st Hemp Milk Smoothie
  • Chicago Marathon via GOTR???

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RunToFinish said...

so true that my blog helps get things off my brain so I can sleep!