Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekly Summary

Past week
Tuesday-run 6 @ 51:20, Swim 2500yds (test)
Wednesday-Ride1:45(test) ran out of time for run off
Thursday-Swim 4x600 target pace was 1:41
Friday-bike 30mins, run 5 @ 39:35
Saturday-Bike 3hrs (40miles) Ave Watts 119, Run 4 @ 31:48
Sunday-Swim 500yds, Run 11 @ 1:32:40 Tempo Miles 5=7:31,8=7:33

(below is the email sent to coach g along with my summary)
I went to a concert Wednesday night and was out very late (for me) so i didn't get up early for my run Thursday morning. I made up the run Friday and snuck in a little bit of the bike. Its a new schedule so I'm trying to get used to riding longer on the trainer during the week. I don't have time in the morning for a bike/run brick and its still getting dark early evening by the time I'm off my bike. I went and met up with a bike group in the burbs I haven't ridden with before. They stopped A LOT!! But I wanted to at least try it out because they ride every Saturday. At least i know its a last resort of a group to ride with. One of the people i drove with had to get home so i ran right when i got home. I did something really stupid on my run Sunday- i forgot to bring food...i know that's bad and i felt it!!!! Never Again i promise!!!!!

I'm excited for my day off! I actually might go do a yoga class rather than a tv video. Coach G sent an email around this morning about preparing for the race - physically, mental, nutritionally and what I would call psychologically. I'm a bad traveler, it stresses me out to the 9's. I've already begun my OCD lists and I will keep rewriting them until I'm in the car. This trip will be bad too because I'm riding down in a suburban with 5 other people and will need to pack light - i'm a overpacker!!

I plan my next post to be about sleeping patterns. Last week I felt great until Wednesday when I stayed up late and got minimal sleep then allowed the rest of the week to go downhill. Hopefully I made up sleep this past weekend but Hubby bought comedy show tickets for the 10:30pm show on Thursday. Lets just pray the show Is Funny or we'll have a snoozer in the back row! I wonder how this will effect my training over the weekend? And next week (tues) we have CUBS tickets and its the week before the race - Should I forgo the baseball game and rest up for the race??


Rachel said...

Yay for rest days! Wouldn't going to the baseball game be resting?

RunToFinish said...

so true on sleep.. I don't do much during the weeks now because I love my sleep so much

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your Ironman!! I have a friend who does them and I just admire people so much than can do it! I would love to try a triathlon someday since I love to run and bike, but I struggle with the swim part!!