Thursday, May 7, 2009

Is It Monday Yet?

I've been starting to dig into to my newer/tougher training schedule. My usual schedule has been bumped up to include more biking - meaning I some how have to fit a 2.5 hr workout in my day. Last week I tried the morning and it didn't go well. 5 am wake, ride 2 hrs on the trainer, and a 2 mile run off. It was cut short because I ran out of time for the run. So this week I tried it at night. Hurried home from work, pulled out the pork roast I knew i wasn't going to have time to make, rode 2 hrs, ran 3 miles, got home 9pm!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!! Ate a PB&J and some Annie's Bunny cereal then went to bed all nasty but I was spent. Next morning 6am wake, run 5, arrive to work completely disheveled, and a little pissed I wore a skirt because now I can't wear my compression socks (I dont think they can pass as knee highs!!).

To answer my thought from the last post - I'm not going to the comedy show tonight. Hubby is going with a friend and this way I can get in my swim workout tonight, bike tomorrow morning, and be semi rested for the weekend. I am going to the CUBS game next week!!!

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