Thursday, May 14, 2009

Things to be Excited For

1. Lincoln Park is a getting a new Whole Foods
  • I've been watching this being built for the last year and a half. The gym I go to has a spinning room looking right out over the new location. I first thought it was to be a massive parking garage. This place is MASSIVE.
  • I finally don't have to deep breathing exercises before I go in to calm the anxiety - the old location was insanely small. Ok, maybe the first few times just because its awesome!
2. Memphis in May is this weekend
  • I leave tomorrow - In a suburban, 6 people, 3 bikes, & who knows how many wheels!
  • 3 Hotel Rooms - 4 people per room
  • 1 Spaghetti Warehouse - 20 people
3. Had my longest workout week - Last week I maxed out at 14 hours
  • Mon - Yoge 30 min
  • Tues -Run 7(60 mins), Yoga 20min, Swim workout 3100yds
  • Weds - Bike 2hr, Run 3 miles (25min)
  • Thurs -Run 5 miles(43min), Yoga 20min, Swim workout 1800
  • Fri - Bike 90 mins
  • Sat-Bike 52.6 miles (3:15), Run 4(34 mins)
  • Sun -Swim 500yds, Run 8 1:04 (tempo 5=7:15, 8=6:55)


Denise said...

Thanks for the comment to my post yesterday. All the support and nice comments made me cry last night. The support out there is truly amazing.

aron said...

good question! haha... I guess I have always used a drink AND a fuel like gu so I didnt really think about it. It would seem I could just use water, salt tablets and gu right? Getting all the things I need? As long as I made sure to take each one I would be good.