Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pumpin up for a weekend with the Ironmoms

This might be my last post until I leave for the Second Annual Chica Bike Weekend. It will be a great training weekend - time in the country, hills, and hopefully some warmer weather. This year I vow to wear more sunscreen! Last year I ended up with red sleeves which were still apparent around the time of my August wedding. It wasn't difficult to explain to the spray tanner lady where all my tan lines were - short sleeve jersey, sleeveless jersey, the smiley face on my lower back from jersey creep, shorts lines, sock lines, Garmin line, sports tank lines, helmet strap lines - I'm sure there were more but you get the idea.

This years bike event I will be joining 4 Ironmoms - Mrs. P, Mrs. M, Mrs. H, and Mrs A. They are Notorious Ironmoms, one of which is a Kona age group top finisher. They all eat measly twenty-somethings like me for breakfast.

Schedule looks like 3 days of biking, the last day is a brick (ride/run), and if we feel like it (which they will) its a day pass to swimming at the YMCA. Can't wait (whats emoticons for nail biting?)!

I'll try to bring my laptop and log the training, face feeding, and butt kicking!!


aron said...

have a great weekend!!!

RunToFinish said...

Yeah, how very very exciting!!! I can't wait to follow you on this and know it will inspire me.

Ok naturally nutty...BEST FRIGGIN STUFF EVER!! I think I am going to work with them on a pretty good sale for my readers soon

Denise said...

Have a great weekend...watch out for those tan lines!!

Natalie D said...

that sounds great and really motivating! have fun!!