Monday, April 13, 2009

2 Week Hiatus

I knew when I started blogging there would definitely be times of hiatus. Like I noted in my last post, Coach G said I was going to have a tough couple of weeks ahead of me, and I did. On top of that Hubby left town for work and took the 'good/working' computer with him, work was swamped, and I admit to being lazy and not dragging home my work laptop.

I'll attempt to summarize the last two weeks - I had a good first week, energy levels were up, I ate like crazy, and my first order of Naturally Nutty arrived (and it truly is as good as everyone says it is!). Week two I started to get tired, lifted on Wednesday and had DOMS for the rest of the week, I went to my parents for the weekend and was able to train with the team, got in my First outdoor ride of the season (thanks Martin!), and some good sleep. Sunday was a overloaded food day but I couldn't turn down any of Grandma's cookin'. I made vegan carrot cake muffins but the only way I could get my family to eat them was to cover them in real cream cheese frosting - so much for trying to get them to eat healthy.
I promise dear blog I will work harder and not neglect you.

Workout Summary
Week 1
Mon-Stretch and Hip exercises
Tues-Run 6, Swim 90 mins
Weds-Spin 45min, Swim 90 mins
Thurs-Run 5
Fri-Run 6
Sat-Bike 3hrs
Sun-Run 10, Swim 60 mins
Totals: Run 27 miles, Swim 88000yds

Tues-Run 6, Swim 90min
Wed-Spin 45min, Lift 60min
Thurs-Run 6
Fri-Spin 60min, Swim 40min
Sat-Bike 3hrs(40mi)
Sun-Run 10
Totals:Run 22 miles, Swim 4700yds

This week I am taking it easy because on Thursday I am heading down to Southern Indiana for the Second Annual Chica Bike Weekend!!

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