Thursday, April 30, 2009

Triathletes Just Wanna Have Fun

When Being an endurance athlete it is hard enough to find time with the eat, train, and sleep schedule for family, work, and home....but social life, say good bye. That is unless you consider 5:45 Friday morning group runs or a Saturday 7 am, 40 degree, 4 hr bike ride well... Fun. But I do, I truly do. The more I go out late just to have a few cocktails makes me regret my decisions more and more, not to mention one cocktail is just enough! The other delima is unavoidable social activities like my best friends shower and bachlorette party which I partook in this weekend. Yes I was a little frazzled with my training schedule but sometimes you...I.... Just need to learn to let it go. Someone once told me that when you miss a workout you just have to take the hit, you'll stress yourself out more trying to fit it back in. Its a training plan for a reason...if you mess with the science of it all it'll be worse....learn to let go.

I didn't post me workout summary for last week. At the end of this week I plan to post both. Last week was a bit of recovery from the Chica's Bike Weekend but this week I was scheduled a couple of "tests" or that's what Coach G refers them as. But yes, to test yourself in training other than a race is a good training practice. So far we are 2 of 3 tests done. Tuesday morning I had my usual 6 mile runs which was good because lifting over the weekend had made me pretty sore and my legs were still tight. I needed a good warm up run followed my some yoga and foam roll to work out the leg issues. In the evening was the swim test - warm with drill 900yds. Swim test was 1500 yds all out and record time at 500 intervals. I was so happy about my results. I have improved so much from last year!

Wednesday morning was the bike test. The night before I set the bike up on the trainer and laid everything out. Yay - 5:15 wake, change and make some oatmeal. I hopped on the bike for a 60 min warm up, ate my oats and a banana during the warm up, and watched Loser on HBO (wow that's a classic). Post hour I did 20 mins of higher wattage intervals to warm up a bit more. Then came the test - 20 mins all out, at the end of 20 mins pull computer off bike to stop readings. It was hard and the tv change to CMT was not helping. Hubby was awake by now so he grabbed the ipod and I finished the ride rocking out to Linkin Park and Paramore!!
Ave Watts - 145
Now I had a computrainer LT test too and those results were average watts at 160. Coach G explained why they were such a difference.

BTW - This Triathlete had even more fun in store this week. Last night I went to the Brittney Spears concert. I've never seen one of her shows but it was AWESOME. I know, right.....but I went with 3 of my girlfriends and we all thought it was so amazing. Everyone in the show worked their booties off and are all in such great shape, including Brit! I wouldn't recommend the show for young children, it was pretty X-rated.
There's more to come from my 2009 concert series!!!


Denise said...

I totally hear you w/ the social life thing. I used to love my Friday nights out. Now I spend them at home, resting up for my Saturday long run. And you know what, I'm ok with that, too. Must mean we found what we really love.

Amy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm excited you're doing IM Louisville too. I have an ART appt next week and well as some PT.
Anyway, I totally agree about the missed workouts on the training plan. Everyone misses them and I think some who try to make them up end up getting hurt. I chalk missed ones up to "Life Happens."