Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just Go

I am finally getting this started. I have debated for the past 2 months on this. What did I want to say? I have so much going on with my training, my nutrition, and life I just need to get it out. Currently I am training for Ironman Louisville in Aug 2009. I have been running since I was 9 and started triathlons after college. Triathlons are a foreign world to me than running ever was. I always felt so comfortable with it. Tri's are completely different story and after 5 years of them I've decided to tackle to biggest one of all. I hope to discuss my training, my team, nutrition, and the recovery of an injury. I'm also a new wife and after a few years of moving around we've finally settled in the great city of Chicago.

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Denise said...

Welcome to blogging!! I too started when I started training for my first marathon. It's great to meet so many people with similiar interests and I've learned a ton!