Friday, March 13, 2009

Run a little bit longer

Last week I had 3-run days in a row, i'm pooped! I am just getting over a really bad sinus infection in which I had to take all of last week off, on top of just getting back from vacation. So that is almost 1.5 weeks I had off. I felt decently strong in all my runs but I did have to do Thursday on a treadmill because Wednesday run proved a tiny bit of my cough still lingers.
This week I attempted to switch it up and am feeling better but I am starting to add intensity to my runs and its causing some of injury pain to come back, looks like I'm already getting a failing grade for my at home injury homework!

One good thing last week was I had my last physical therapy session. Taking a few steps back now it was in Sept 2008 when I was training for a half marathon. I have ran a few in the past but have never 'trained' for one. I started to get a little pain, or tightness, in my hamstring when doing tempo and interval workouts. I knew there was a problem when I would be sitting at my desk or on the couch at home and would get shooting pain down through my hip to my knee. I continued to train and in Oct. PR'd for a half. I took a week off thinking it would help heal the pain. When I started back up I continued to run and begin cycling base training. I continued to have consistent pain in my leg and hip. I wasnt until I went to my parents for Thanksgiving that I finally did something about it. I ended up taking 4 weeks off of running but continued to cycle (computrainer). After 4 weeks of no running and weekly deep tissue therapy I seeked out a Doc. Granted this is one week till 1/1/09, dooms day - the start of Ironman training and I still wasn't able to run. Seeing the the doctor was a huge turn around, although I had an idea of what was going on I was able to take more steps towards the recovery. I was able to start running again but was not allowed any intensity. I had tendonist in my hip from a strained hamstring which was caused by weak glutes. I always find it a common thing in running when injuries or weakness are not dealt with in the early stages they eventually start webbing out to whereever else it can go. After 10 weeks of physical therapy and many torturing massages later I've been released. Now my goal is to keep up with my at home program and strength training.

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