Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Shoe Review

Yesterday I called my shoe store. I support a running store from my hometown back in Indiana. When I called I received some bad news - my shoes (Asics GT- 2130) were redesigned and are now the Asics GT-2140. The shoe guru informed me the new model has a much different fit - which totally bummed me out. He told me to go and try on two other shoes - the Asics 1140 and the Adrenaline 9.

Here's a little info on my history of running shoes. When I was little (remember I started running at 9) I wore velcro Etonics because at that time the only shoe available to fit my little foot where walking shoes made for senior citizens. Finally when my feet were big enough I settled into the Asics 1000 series. Then in college I changed to the new Brooks Adrenaline. I have a super narrow foot and a high arch (i can stick a pencil under my foot and it wont touch my foot at all). I ran in the Adrenaline's for a handful of years until one day I was at a group track practice and forgot my shoes. I went to the nearest sporting goods store and what do you know - they didn't carry any Brooks shoes just Nike and Asics. I bought the cheapest pair of decent Asics - the GT-2100 series. I have been running in them since (3 yrs) and so you can see the freak out this can cause.

Last night I went to sport store to try on all 3 shoes and compare. Unfortunately they did not have the Adrenaline 9's only the 8's.

Asics GT-2140 - They widened the toe box and it felt like the heel was too narrow - something was definitely up with the heel. The shoe guru said the new design reminded him of the older Adrenaline style with the wider toe box. I can tell you I was NOT a fan!

Asics 1140 - The shoe guru said these are like the 2130's and they were. My feet felt like they were home again!

Adrenaline 8 - Was not a fan. The arch was too low and the toe box too big. The shoe guru said the 9's are more narrow and possibly also modeled off of the 2130s.

For now I am going to buy the 1140s and when I conveniently come into contact with the Adrenaline 9 I will try those on.


Christine said...

Mmmmm!!! I love me some shoes! I have worn Reeboks, Nikes (ewwwwww), Mizunos, Brooks, Adidas, and now Asics. I'm hoping to try Saucony soon..and its weird..but I've loved every pair I have (except Nikes..which look cool..but my legs hate!)

Anonymous said...

Hope you find the right shoe. I love my Brooks, but am tempted to try out Asics and Mizunos.