Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Slippery, Slushy, Shamrock Shuffle

Happy Birthday to ME.
Sunday was my birthday and it was also Shamrock Shuffle day. All I can say is that it was one of the craziest weather races I've ever done - that's why I love Chicago! I planned to run down to the race since I had 9 miles scheduled but there was no practical and safe way to run there. Instead just ran it tempo paced. Before the race started I had lost all feeling below the knee and shoes weighed 10 lbs! Hubby was the best sport ever. He spent all morning texting his friends who we all planned to run with but poor guy, they all bailed. He did end up running with Lynnie while I moved up to the front to get the race over and done with. I will post pics once I get them - still living in the 90's with a disposable camera since the digital is broke.
8k - 39:30
Hubby - 1:01

Last Week Workout Summary
Mon - Yoga and Stretch
Tues - Run 4.4 TM, Swim w/ Masters
Weds - Spin 45mins, Swim w/ Masters
Thurs - Run 6, Massage!!
Fri - Run 5, Yoga
Sat - Bike @ Computrainer class 2:42
Sun - Run 8k
Total Miles: 20.5
Total Swim yrds - 5000


aron said...

happy belated birthday :) sooo fun to do a race on your b-day!! i have seen some pics of that race and the weather was CRAZY!

Christine said...

Happy b day! Mine is coming up sooon! Eeeek!