Wednesday, March 25, 2009

R.I.P Favorite Swim Cap

I can't believe I had two botched workouts in a row. Yesterday I had a 6 mile run in the morning. I was all dressed to go then realized there was no way I was running in the Monsoon occurring outside. So I hightailed it to the gym for a TM run (booo!). When I got there I was already cutting into my time so I thought I would run as far as I could for 50 minutes. I'm just about to get on the TM and I noticed I did not have my ipod...where was my ipod...oh no, freaking out...obviously I left it at home. I like my gym in a way - they think they're a night club so the music is always jammin'. Not that I love the music they play but it keeps me awake in the morning. The people watching wasn't entertaining either. Instead I watched outside the window at people attempting to walk in the monsoon. I was only able to get in 4.5 miles in the allotted time. When I got home and took off my hoodie guess what I found....oh my ipod, it was on me the entire time.

Now for the evening workout. I went to swim with the masters program. As I was about to get into the water, I gave my swim cap one more little tug, and rip there goes my swim cap. I didn't have my extra cap in my bag, the coach on deck didn't have an extra, and everyone else was already in the water so I didn't want to make a big fuss. I swam all practice sans cap. I'm so lucky to have a sister that's a hair stylist - she is always loading me down with products to help me keep my hair blonde and smooth, not green and crunchy.

The master program I swim with has late night practices 7:30-9 so I must eat before I go. One of my favorite quick and easy food are PJ's Organics Organic Chicken Burritos (found at whole foods). So what if I have a Burrito Belly before I go swim, these things are worth it! To cook - microwave for 2 minutes wrapped in paper towel then place in toaster over and toast on Med. I ate this with sweet potatoes containing agave nectar, maple syrup, and a splash of vanilla and edamame.

Here was breakfast.
A Mango Strawberry Smoothie and a 2 Egg Omelet with Asparagus and Feta

I must apologize for the picture quality. I broke my camera two weeks ago so these were all take via cell phone.

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Denise said...

That's too funny that your ipod was on you the whole time.

A jammin gym! Nice.