Monday, March 23, 2009

Talk to the Water

Below I'll post my weekly workout summary but want to reflect on my weekend.

My hubby was gone all weekend and I missed him terribly but it was warm weekend in chicago for once. I usually never take walks in my neighborhood because I'm pretty beat from my normal workout routine. Since hubby was gone I had to borrow a friends suv to get to computrainer class. He lives a good handful of blocks away from me so I decided to walk to the nearest main intersection and get a cab. But I kept walking and found myself roaming through streets here and there. An hour later (an a stop at chipolte) I arrived home.

I did the same thing Sunday morning. I didn't have workout plans til 1 so I ventured out. I found myself sitting in the park for a good half hour people watching, watching a woman and her dog play fetch - I wasnt sure who was the fetchie because the woman ran to the ball more than the dog. I guess I've had a lot on my mind this week. My dad was diagnosed with stage 2 prostate cancer back in January. He had his removal surgery last Friday and we were all on edge waiting to hear back the test results. On Friday we got the best news-it didn't spread! He's still in recovery mode but it was a huge relief for my family. Since I have had that on my mind for the past few weeks my walks helped me deal with everything else I had been putting on the back burner. Back to the park, sitting on the bench near Scarecrow, a fellow bike buddy and his dog walked by and we started talking Tri's. Its always pleasant to see a familiar face in the park. I kept him company til his dog was tired from playing then I continued on my walk. I ventured around the neighborhood a bit more then finally got home to begin my Sunday workouts.

I went swimming with Amber and she noticed I was completely out of it. It probably had something to do with spending the past two days roaming chicago with just my thoughts. But the moment I got in the water it all went away. I know a lot of people find relaxation in yoga and although I have been getting into yoga more the past few months I still find that being in the water has the most comfort. Maybe its that the water drowns out all noise, all i can hear are the noises I make as I glide through, or the rhythm of my breathing, or the monotony of the pool floor. I was grateful for my swim since my thoughts and my mood was starting drain all my energy. Went I got home I went and ran 8 miles - it felt great to be restored.

Monday - at home yoga
Tuesday - 6 mile run, 2950yrd swim workout
Wednesday - Computrainer class
Thursday - 3 mile run on TM, 30mins core strength, 1000yrd swim drills
Friday - 5 mile tempo run (41:40)
Saturday - Computrainer class (1:50:00) , 60mins strength training
Sunday - 2000yrd swim, 8 mile run (1:09:00)

Sunday Breakfast
Steel cut Oats
Skim Milk
Blue Agave Nectar
Sliced Almonds
Sliced Banana

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Natalie D said...

It is great when you have those days / weekends to yourself where you can think about things going on and reflect. I'm glad your dad's news was good news! That breakfast sounds good. I have been having steel cut oats almost every morning. I haven't seen agave nectar to buy in stores but haven't looked for it. Does it look like honey?